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Recipe Sambal Shrimp

Some time ago we never presented liver fried chili recipe you. Almost similar to the 'brothers' earlier, this time we present a chili recipe fried shrimp. This recipe is suitable served with rice cake and chicken curry . Unlike the liver fried sambal more savory flavor and a dense, fried shrimp sauce flavor is lighter but sometimes sharply because of the banana in the recipe. If you do not like a banana, you can just remove it from the recipe.

Choose fresh shrimp with traits, if pressed his body is not flat, no fishy smell, color clear and there are no black spots, the head is not easily separated. By selecting the proper shrimp, the end result of your cooking will be optimal as well. The shrimp were not fresh normally when processed will increasingly do not get a delicious scent. The shrimp fried sambal dishes including dish Eid practical, only takes approximately 30 minutes to process. You can cultivate the morning before going to the Eid prayer, so that when the family will be dining, processed chili fried shrimp were fresh.


750 grams of fresh shrimp, clean the head, skin and tail
2 tablespoons cooking oil
Ground spices
3 cloves of garlic
1cm ginger
1 tomato
1 tsp salt
5 large red chilies
5 grains of banana, cut 2
50 ml of water

How to make:

Heat oil, saute ground spices until fragrant.
Enter the shrimp, stir until it changes color.
Enter a banana and water, cook until done. Serve.

Very practical not fried shrimp sauce recipe? Good luck and we believe you successfully make it. Do not forget to share stories about your Eid recipes with us here.

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