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Foam pudding recipe

Foam pudding recipe pudding recipe is made ​​from a mixture of gelatin and egg whites until kocokkan shaped like foam. This foam pudding recipe we reserved for you foodies who loves to hunt a variety of desserts. If during this time you get to know about the many combined pudding with fruit, this time will present a different pudding recipe is a recipe pudding foam or puding busa. Actually how to make foam pudding recipe is not much different from the others how to make pudding. Even more interesting is the form this foam pudding that seemed to have a texture like a sponge and is very soft. 

The recipe pudding foam this time will we kombinaskan with chocolate and vanilla pudding that will make the foam becomes more tasty and delicious. Pudding recipe foam to be formed with two layers is ideal served at family gatherings or for entertaining guests who come home to you.

Foam pudding ingredients:

- 500ml milk 
- ½ packs that powder 
- ½ packs of instant jelly powder 
- 100 gr sugar 
- 3 eggs, grab whites only 
- ½ tsp vanilla paste 
- ½ teaspoon salt 

chocolate pudding Ingredients: 
- 700 ml of liquid milk 
- 25gr cocoa powder
- 75gr sugar 
- 1 / 4sdt salt 
- ½ packs of instant jelly 
- 100g dark chocolate, chopped 
step makes pudding foam: 

1. Pudding foam: 
- Boil milk, jelly, jelly and 25 grams of sugar to the boil and kept stirred.
- Add vanilla and continue certainly stirred until boiling, then set aside. 
- Beat the egg white is added a little salt to half a fluffy, and masukkkan residual sugar gradually while continuing to be shaken until fluffy, add a little stew liquid milk last until fluffy, then enter the kocokkan egg into the boiling milk and cook again until boiling - Pour into pan and leave until half frozen. 

2. Chocolate pudding: 
Cooking liquid milk, cocoa powder, sugar, salt and jelly to boil, do not forget to continue to stir, then add dark chocolate and continue stirring until melted and blended with dough. Cook until boil. After boiling pour over pudding layer of foam that was half frozen. And chill until both layers are frozen custard. This recipe can be served to 16 servings of beef. 

For the present, you can cut it into triangular or rectangular pieces that would be more visible part lapisnya pudding and add a sprinkling of shaved chocolate pudding on top in order to look more beautiful and attractive. That's how to make foam pudding recipe, try congratulations and good luck making creative with foam pudding you with other flavors.

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